Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Beginning

Have you ever felt a nudge, that little voice inside that encourages you to make a certain choice or go in a certain direction in your life? Well, over the years I have learned to deeply listen and trust the quiet directives I receive. It is through those instincts or intuitions that I feel drawn to share the inner lessons that I've gathered along the way in this unexpected journey of mine. So in the days ahead I will be opening up all the little and big, difficult and easy, long-term and short-term learnings that have come my way during my 61 years on this earth.

It's during my quiet times that I now connect with these invitations. But you should know that this level of trust did not come easily for me. I ignored the little voice for many years because I was too busy living the perfect life. I was so entangled with busyness that I didn't have the time, energy, or space to fit meditation into my schedule.

Looking back, I think of those times as the yoo-hoo moments that I totally ignored. I didn't RSVP to any of the invitations I was receiving to enter into the silence. It wasn't until June 2001, when I heard the words, "You have an 11 centimeter tumor in your abdomen," that now was the time to begin paying attention.


  1. You rock, Mom! I'm so excited you're sharing your journey with the world.

  2. Laura, Thanks for sharing this with me. I've added it as a favorite. You are and always have been an extraordinary person. Your gifts as a teacher, as I've told you many times, are without compare. I'm hoping your writing will be as helpful to you as it will be to those that have the honor of reading your story. Love you. Thom