Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photo Gallery

I thought it would be fun to share some family photos from my childhood.
Sit back and relax while I tell you a bit about each of the photos. I really
like the top one because it shows the joy of my early years, while also
capturing the fire I had in my being even back that far.
This is the first family photo I have. If you look carefully, you'll even
see my big brother almost hidden behind my sister. This was taken
in 1949 when my parents had the distinctive wallpaper my dad had
chosen from a little sample card. He always laughed about not being
able to visualize exactly how large the opened roses would look, and
then having to live many years with the print because it was much too
expensive to quickly replace.
This is one of our Christmas card photos. As I look at it, I am
reminded to tell my brother what excellent taste he had in sweaters.
Do you think anyone could really be as angelic as I look
in this photo?
Our grandma would always come to our house for Christmas. We
would each receive one special gift, and it seems that Kathie and I
both treasured our new dolls.

This is taken from my first grade class picture. There were
thirty students in my class. How times have changed. Now
first grade classes have around fifteen students. Weren't all
things much simpler in the 1950's?

Kathie and I always were able to choose one hat for Easter. We
had such fun shopping for those hats with Mom. We are all so
proud of those yummy chocolate bunnies. It seems like I'm in
the midst of checking on my brother's behavior...either that or
I'm thinking of ways to get him to share his bunny with me.
Do you remember me telling about the doorman at
the Barbizon Hotel in New york? Well, her I am with
him in front of the hotel. I remember being very much
impressed with the whole idea of a doorman.

Here's Mary in her little playpen. She would love being there
with all her toys and stuffed animals. There was always one
us not far away because she could easily draw us in to play
with her.

We were all to be looking away from the camera, so why
am I the only one looking at the photographer? Don't miss
out on another peek at our rose-patterned wallpaper.

This is my First Communion and I am behaving as holy as
possible. Our priest had told us that our First Communion
day would be sunny and bright because it only rained for
naughty children. Imagine my dismay when I awoke to a
big old thunderstorm. I remember thinking I had to pray
extra hard and be extra good to make up for the rainy day.

Here I am getting ready to head back to NYC. The
only good part of this trip was that my sister was able
to go with us. Have you noticed how much I loved my
saddle shoes?

We stopped at our national capitol in Washington,
and then went on a tour of the White House. I was
never able to truly enjoy these times though due
to my reality of knowing why we were on the trip.
My fears were never too far away.

My mom would spend such a long time putting
curls into my hair. It was a big event the first
time got my hair cut...I think Mom really liked
long hair.

Middle school picture. Mom obviously didn't
give me lessons on how to style naturally wavy
hair. I am wearing my favorite Garland sweater
that I had received for more dolls.

This family photo makes all of us look as though we were being
forced to have our picture taken. This was taken the year before
I was married...yikes, I was young!
I have more pictures to share with you, and now that I'm beginning to figure out how to add pictures (thanks to Jim and Susie), I'll include some throughout my blogs. There are many new things to learn about blogs, and I'm enjoying them all. Hopefully you have enjoyed the photo gallery, giving you a visual to add to my written journey.

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  1. Awesome photos. I can't explain how much I enjoy looking through old photos. Thank you for sharing. What a family you are, just look at that.

    I love the wallpaper.

    Have a good weekend, Laura. I'll call you when I get home.